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Routine Laboratory Testing for Cannabis Growing Operations

Perry Laboratory provides fertility testing for Cannabis in the form of media, plant tissue and fertilizer solutions to help growers be more efficient and produce maximum yields. Routine testing takes the guessing out of growing. We can monitor your crops and adjust the fertilizer and irrigation management to achieve the high quality plants that will be necessary in the challenging market ahead. We also provide horticultural advice for routine clients, including recipes for custom fertilizer programs for each growing operation.

Types of Samples

For routine testing, media, plant tissue, input fertilizer solution and leachate solution samples are generally used. At least once each year it is recommended that a source water sample be tested to determine if the quality of the water has changed and how it might affect the fertilizer program and spray program.

Sampling Interval

The sampling interval is somewhat determined by how fast the plants will complete a growing cycle. It is best to be able to sample the same group of plants twice and perhaps three times during their growing cycle. The samples should be taken from the same “management zone” in order to reduce the possibility that different areas of the nursery are maintained differently. This is because this testing is a “cause and effect” type, so it helps to have multiple samples of the same crop to determine how the nursery management program is affecting the potting media and the plants. Generally sampling intervals are 2, 4 and 6 weeks apart and most container nurseries are on a 2 or 4 week interval.

Number of Samples

It is advisable to take samples from different aged crops and then follow them through the growing cycle. The data is then presented on the same spreadsheet so comparisons with the previous tests are easily done. This gives a basic cross section of the nursery and hopefully will get an idea of what is happening in different parts of the nursery, especially if there are different fertilizer injectors being used.


The number of samples and the tests that will be run on them determines the fees. A report fee is waived for routine testing clients. Email or phone consultation is also provided without additional fees for routine clients. For a quote, please consult our website or drop an email to:

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