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At this time, Perry Laboratory has suspended wine testing and will evaluate whether this will be reinstated in the future.

Wine Testing

Enology Wine Testing

Perry Laboratory is pleased to announce the addition of a series of wine tests that we are now offering. After many requests, we have set up to perform some basic wine tests as a convenience to our local clients.

We will be offering various tests, along with a Basic Grape Juice Panel, Basic Wine Panel and Wine QC Panel. These panels will include the following tests:

Basic Grape Juice Panel:

pH, TA, Brix, Ammonium nitrogen, Assimilable Amino Nitrogen (YAN), Potassium and L-Malic Acid. Sample volume 300 mls.

Basic Wine Panel:

pH, TA, VA, Free SO2, Total SO2, Ethanol, Glucose/Fructose, L-Malic Acid. Sample volume 500 mls.

Enology Wine Testing

Wine QC Panel:

pH, TA, VA, Free SO2, Total SO2. Sample volume 250 mls.

Since wine testing is usually used in making management decisions during the wine making process, wine samples are a priority with us and we normally will be able to send results out by the end of the day, or the next day after we receive the samples.

We hope these new tests will be useful as you produce the award winning wines from our special area.

Enclosed is a summary with prices and a sample information sheet for these new tests.

Wine samples should be collected and sent in for analysis as soon as possible. The volume of sample necessary for each test is listed on the Wine Sample Submission Form. Please provide sufficient sample volume for all tests desired. Separate samples are not necessary for multiple tests. Wine samples are tested on a priority basis and are completed normally within 1-2 days of receipt of the samples to the laboratory. Test results can be emailed or fax to you for quick decision making in the wine making process. Samples are saved for a minimum of 2 weeks and can be retested if necessary.

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